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Charles Bowen, Baron Bowen

Nós não verificar a identidade deste autor, pode não ser uma pessoa famosa.


Charles Bowen, Baron Bowen era jogador de críquete britânico.

Citações Charles Bowen, Baron Bowen


„We must take the thing in the grip of our hands.“

—  Charles Bowen
The Queen v. Justices of County of London, &c. (1893), L. R. 2 Q. B. 494.

„Most businesses require liberal dealing.“

—  Charles Bowen
Hutton v. West Cork Railway Co. (1883), L. R. 23 C. D. 672.


„People must not be wiser than the experience of mankind.“

—  Charles Bowen
Filburn v. People's Palace and Aquarium Co. (1890), L. R. 25 Q. B. 261.

„Judges, like Caesar's wife, should be above suspicion.“

—  Charles Bowen
Leeson v. General Council of Medical Education and Registration (1889), L. R. 43 C. D. 385.

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