„The law has armed the High Court of Justice with the power, and imposed on it the duty of preventing brevi manu and by summary proceedings any attempt to interfere with the administration of justice. It is on that ground, and not on any exaggerated notion of the dignity of individuals that insults to Judges are not allowed.“

—  Charles Bowen, Baron Bowen, In re Johnson (1887), L. R. 20 Q. B. D. 74.
Charles Bowen, Baron Bowen photo
Charles Bowen, Baron Bowen
jogador de críquete britânico 1835 - 1894

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„As to proceedings in Courts of justice, it is for the interest of all the public to hear what takes place in Court.“

—  William Brett, 1st Viscount Esher British lawyer, judge and politician 1815 - 1899
Pittard v. Oliver (1891), L. J. 60 Q. B. D. 221.

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„The fundamental criterion for judging any procedure is the justice of its likely results.“

—  John Rawls American political philosopher 1921 - 2002
Chapter IV, Section 37, p. 230

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