„It is generally admitted that the absent are warned by a ringing in the ears, when they are being talked about.“

—  Pliny the Elder, livro Natural History

Book XXVIII, sec. 5.
Naturalis Historia
Original: (la) Absentes tinnitu aurium præsentire sermones de se receptum est.

„The bird of passage known to us as the cuckoo.“

—  Pliny the Elder, livro Natural History

Book XVIII, sec. 249.
Naturalis Historia

„With a grain of salt.“

—  Pliny the Elder, livro Natural History

Book XXIII, sec. 8.
Naturalis Historia
Original: (la) Cum grano salis.

„The only certainty is that nothing is certain.“

—  Pliny the Elder, livro Natural History

Fuller version: This series of instances entangles unforeseeing mortality, so that among these things but one thing is in the least certainthat nothing certain exists, and that nothing is more pitiable, or more presnmptuous, than man! In Latin: Quae singula inprovidam mortalitatem involvunt, solum ut inter ista vel certu sit nihil esse certi nec quicquam miserius homine aut superbius.
Book II, sec. 5.
Naturalis Historia

„Fortune favours the brave.“

—  Pliny the Elder

Attributed by Pliny the Younger to his uncle during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in which the Elder died
Quoted in [Pliny, translated by William Melmoth, Letters of Pliny, c.100 CE, eBook, 1927, Bibliobytes, Hoboken, NJ, English, ISBN 0585049971, LXV, to Tacitus http://www.gutenberg.org/files/2811/2811-h/2811-h.htm#link2H_4_0065, p. 48, Here he stopped to consider whether he should turn back again; to which the pilot advising him, "Fortune", said he, "favours the brave; steer to where Pomponianus is."]
Commonly quoted as "Fortune favours the bold".
Original: (la) Fortes Fortuna iuvat.

„This is Italy, land sacred to the Gods.“

—  Pliny the Elder, livro Natural History

Book III, sec. 46.
Naturalis Historia
Original: (la) Haec est Italia diis sacra

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