„Uma figura feminina absolutamente nua deixa uma impressão de algo deficiente, uma coisa incompleta que é incompatível com a beleza.“

—  Otto Weininger, Sex and Character, an absolute nude female figure in the life leaves an impression of something wanting, an incompleteness, which is incompatible with beauty. Otto Weininger in: Sex and Character (1903)
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Otto Weininger3
Filósofo e escritor australiano 1880 - 1903

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„Não há beleza rara sem algo de estranho nas proporções.“

—  Edgar Allan Poe, Ligeia
There is no exquisite beauty [...] without some strangeness in the proportion. Ligeia (1838)

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„Não há beleza perfeita que não contenha algo de estranho nas suas proporções.“

—  Francis Bacon, livro Essays
There is no excellent beauty, that hath not some strangeness in the proportion. The Essays, or Councils, civil and moral of Sir Francis Bacon ... With a Table of the Colours of Good and Evil. And a Discourse of the Wisdom of the Ancients (done into English by Sir Arthur Gorges). To this edition is added the Character of Queen Elizabeth; never before printed in English, página 116 https://books.google.com.br/books?id=urVcAAAAcAAJ&pg=PA116, Francis Bacon, ‎Sir Arthur GORGES - For Henry Herringman and are to be sold by Timothy Childe, 1701

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