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Tony Judt

Data de nascimento: 2. Janeiro 1948
Data de falecimento: 6. Agosto 2010
Outros nomes:토니 젓, Тони Джъд


Tony Judt foi um historiador, escritor e professor universitário britânico.

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„Inequality is corrosive. It rots societies from within.“

—  Tony Judt
Context: Inequality is corrosive. It rots societies from within. The impact of material differences takes a while to show up: but in due course competition for status and goods increases; people feel a growing sense of superiority (or inferiority) based on their possessions; prejudice towards those on the lower ranks of the social ladder hardens; crime spikes and the pathologies of social disadvantage become ever more marked. The legacy of unregulated wealth creation is bitter indeed.


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