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Data de nascimento: 47 a.C.
Data de falecimento: 14 a.C.
Outros nomes:Sextus Aurelius Propertius


Sextus Propertius was a Latin elegiac poet of the Augustan age. He was born around 50–45 BC in Assisium and died shortly after 15 BC.Propertius' surviving work comprises four books of Elegies . He was a friend of the poets Gallus and Virgil and, with them, had as his patron Maecenas and, through Maecenas, the emperor Augustus. Although Propertius was not as renowned in his own time as other Latin elegists, he is today regarded by scholars as a major poet.

Citações Propertius

„What though strength fails? Boldness is certain to win praise. In mighty enterprises, it is enough to have had the determination.“

—  Propertius
Variant translation: Even if strength fail, boldness at least will deserve praise: in great endeavors even to have had the will is enough. II, x, 5.


„Nudus Amor formam non amat artificem.“

—  Propertius
Love is naked, and loves not beauty gained by artifice. I, ii, 8; translation by G.P. Goold

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