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John Fletcher (dramaturgo)

Data de nascimento: 1579
Data de falecimento: 1625


John Fletcher foi um dramaturgo jacobino. Há rumores de que foi o sucessor de William Shakespeare no cargo de dramaturgo no King's Men.Foi também professor de John Dalton na Quaker’s School de Springfield.


Citações John Fletcher (dramaturgo)


„Fountain heads and pathless groves,
Places which pale passion loves.“

— John Fletcher
The Nice Valour (c. 1615–25; publsihed 1647), Act iii, scene 3.

„Though I say't that should not say't.“

— John Fletcher
Wit at Several Weapons (with Thomas Middleton and William Rowley; c. 1610–20; published 1647), Act II, scene 2.

„From the crown of our head to the sole of our foot.“

— John Fletcher
Act II, scene 2. Compare Thomas Middleton, A Mad World, My Masters, Act I, scene 3. Pliny, Natural History, Book VII, Chapter XVII. William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing, Act III, scene 2.


„Man is his own star, and the soul that can
Render an honest and a perfect man
Commands all light, all influence, all fate.
Nothing to him falls early, or too late.
Our acts our angels are, or good or ill,
Our fatal shadows that walk by us still.“

— John Fletcher
Epilogue. Compare: "Every man hath a good and a bad angel attending on him in particular all his life long", Robert Burton, Anatomy of Melancholy, part i. sect. 2, memb. 1, subsect. 2.


„Hence, all you vain delights,
As short as are the nights
Wherein you spend your folly!
There's naught in this life sweet
But only melancholy;
O sweetest melancholy!“

— John Fletcher
The Nice Valor (1647), Melancholy. Compare: "Naught so sweet as melancholy", Robert Burton, Anatomy of Melancholy.

„That soul that can
Be honest is the only perfect man.“

— John Fletcher
Epilogue. Compare: "An honest man's the noblest work of God", Alexander Pope, Essay on Man, epistle iv. line 248.

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