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Roger Caillois

Data de nascimento: 3. Março 1913
Data de falecimento: 21. Dezembro 1978

Roger Caillois foi um sociólogo, crítico literário e ensaísta francês.

Citações Roger Caillois

„Não existem esforços inúteis, Sísifo ganhava músculos.“

„Todo o poder provém duma disciplina e corrompe-se a partir do momento em que se descuram os constrangimentos.“

„O artista que abdica do privilégio da criação deliberada para favorecer e captar sublimes inspirações não consegue senão criar o acidental...“

„I wonder, only in passing, whether the indelible ornamentation that man inscribes upon his own epidermis does not respond to a nostalgia for the universal internally generated coloring of corrollas, furs, shells, carapaces and wings. For man it has been necessary to create both works and tools outside of himself. But it may be that he retains an obscure nostalgia to create them on his own body, to make them a part of it rather than projecting them outwards onto an independent surface, where he is free to retouch them as he sees fit, which is precisely what painting and art are.“ The Dedalus Book of Surrealism: The Identity of Things

„The fantastic is always a break in the acknowledged order, an irruption of the inadmissible within the changeless everyday legality“ Au Coeur Du Fantastique

„It should be particularly stressed that the fantastic makes no sense in an out-and-out strange world. To imagine the fantastic in it is even impossible. In a world full of marvels the extraordinary loses its power.“ Au Coeur Du Fantastique

„Dreams are deformed reflections of ourselves - less stable and more ungraspable than we are, upon which we in our turn assume the right to reflect upon and to determine.“

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