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Leopoldo Galtieri

Data de nascimento: 15. Julho 1926
Data de falecimento: 12. Janeiro 2003


Leopoldo Fortunato Galtieri Castelli foi um general e ditador argentino. Foi presidente da Argentina de 22 de dezembro de 1981 a 18 de junho de 1982.

Em seu governo, decidiu-se pela invasão das Ilhas Malvinas, território britânica desde o século XVII. O resultado foi a chamada Guerra das Malvinas, que terminou com a derrota da Argentina, com 649 mortos do lado argentino, 258 do lado britânico e 3 civis que habitavam as ilhas. A derrota na guerra precipitou o final da ditadura militar argentina.

Citações Leopoldo Galtieri

„The blood that is spilling is not my responsibility. It is the responsibility of Mrs. 'No.“

—  Leopoldo Galtieri
"Quotation of the day", The New York Times (May 23, 1982)


„The dispatch of a naval force and the peremptory outcome that Great Britain tried to impose are clear demonstrations that that country persists in addressing the question with arguments based on force, and that the solution is sought through the simple refusal to recognize Argentinian rights. In view of that unacceptable intention, the Argentine Government could have no other response than the one it has just made by taking action. The Argentinian position can in no way be considered a form of aggression against the present inhabitants of the islands. Their rights and ways of life will be respected with the same generosity with which we respected those peoples we liberated during our independence movement. Yet we will not yield to the intimidatory deployment of the British forces; far from using peaceful diplomatic channels, they have threatened the indiscriminate use of those forces. Our forces will act only to the extent strictly necessary. They will in no way disrupt the life of the islanders. On the contrary, they will protect those institutions and persons who agree to coexist with us, but they will not tolerate any excesses either in the islands or on the mainland. We have a clear appreciation of the stance adopted and it is in defence of this stance that the Argentine nation has risen, the whole nation, spiritually and materially.“

—  Leopoldo Galtieri
President Galtieri’s address to the nation, 2 April 1982


„My own opinion on Mrs Thatcher is very simple: I think she's unsuited to our historical period, and I say this referring to her as a prime minister, and not as a woman.“

—  Leopoldo Galtieri
Reportaje de Oriana Fallaci a Leopoldo F. Galtieri, Revista El porteño, August 1982

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