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Data de nascimento: 20. Fevereiro 1951


James Gordon Brown foi o primeiro-ministro do Reino Unido e líder do Partido Trabalhista entre 2007 e 2010, quando renunciou aos cargos. Gordon Brown tornou-se líder do Labour Party em 24 de junho de 2007; como consequência foi nomeado Primeiro-ministro, tendo assumido o cargo em 27 de junho de 2007, sucedendo a Tony Blair na função.

Foi Chanceler do Tesouro do Reino Unido desde o início do governo de Tony Blair, em 1997. Desde 1983, Gordon é um membro do parlamento britânico pelo círculo eleitoral de Dunfermline East.

Aos 16 anos, Brown perdeu a visão do olho esquerdo ao sofrer descolamento da retina devido a um golpe na cabeça que recebeu numa partida de rugby. Estudou História na Universidade de Edimburgo, onde fez o doutoramento. Já antes de entrar no Parlamento, alcançou notoriedade como reitor da Universidade de Edimburgo, como presidente do Tribunal Universitário e como editor do Red Paper on Scotland. Brown deu aulas em Universidades escocesas antes de trabalhar como jornalista de televisão. Em 1986 ele publicou uma biografia sobre o político trabalhista James Maxton.

Após a derrota de seu partido nas eleições gerais de maio de 2010 para o Partido Conservador, entregou a sua renúncia, dando fim a 13 anos de governos trabalhistas.

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Citações Gordon Brown

„So I am a conviction politician like her“

— Gordon Brown
Context: I think Mrs Thatcher, Lady Thatcher, saw the need for change and I think whatever disagreements you have with her about certain policies - there was a large amount of unemployment at the time which perhaps could have been dealt with better – we have got to understand that she saw the need for change. I also admire the fact that she is a conviction politician. She stands very clearly for principles. I believe, and I have said before, that I am also a conviction politician. I am convinced about certain things, that we have got to support the talent of every individual in the country, that people have got to respect other people, that we have got to have a work ethic that works, that we have got to have discipline, as I have said, in our communities, and that is the only way with families working well and communities well, that we can do well as a country. So I am a conviction politician like her, and I think many people will see Mrs Thatcher as not only a person who saw the need for change in our country and took big decisions to achieve that, but also is and remains a conviction politician, true to the beliefs that she holds. Downing Street Press Conference, 4 September 2007. Response to a question about what aspects of Margaret Thatcher's legacy he wanted to preserve.

„And as I leave the second most important job I could ever hold, I cherish even more the first – as a husband and father.“

— Gordon Brown
Context: Above all, I want to thank Sarah for her unwavering support as well as her love, and for her own service to our country. I thank my sons John and Fraser for the love and joy they bring to our lives. And as I leave the second most important job I could ever hold, I cherish even more the first – as a husband and father. Thank you and goodbye. Gordon Brown's Last official words as Prime Minister Speech for a , 17 September 2014


„Good strong banks are essential for every family and for every business in the country and extraordinary times call for the bold and far-reaching solutions that the Treasury has announced today.“

— Gordon Brown
Press Conference, 8 October 2008, announcing the policy of buying shares in banks in order to prevent the spread of the financial crisis.

„Our new economic approach is rooted in ideas which stress the importance of macro-economics, post neo-classical endogenous growth theory and the symbiotic relationships between growth and investment, and people and infrastructure.“

— Gordon Brown
Michael White, "The gift of tired tongues", The Guardian, 30 September 1994; Norman Macrae, "You've never had it so incoherent", Sunday Times, 2 October 1994. Speech at an economic seminar, Tuesday 27 September 1994.

„The calendar says we are half way from 2000 to 2015. But the reality is that we are we are a million miles away from success.“

— Gordon Brown
Speech the New York UN headquarters in July 2007.

„On this day I remember words that have stayed with me since my childhood and which matter a great deal to me today, my school motto: "I will try my outmost". This is my promise to all of the people of Britain and now let the work of change begin.“

— Gordon Brown
Statement at Downing Street, 27 June 2007. Statement outside 10 Downing Street immediately after becoming Prime Minister. The motto referred to is an English translation of the Latin Usque conabor. Brown said "outmost", as spelled on the BBC News transcript, but other sources usually give "utmost".


„I understand that in the UK there have already been 10,000 complaints from viewers about these remarks, which people see, rightly, as offensive. I want Britain to be seen as a country of fairness and tolerance. Anything detracting from this I condemn.“

— Gordon Brown
Alexa Barcia, Shekhar Bhatia, "C4 bosses under fire in race row", Evening Standard, 17 January 2007, p. 4. Asked about racist bullying of Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty on Celebrity Big Brother, during a visit to India on 16 January 2007.

„The next election will be a flyweight versus a heavyweight. However much the right hon. Gentleman (David Cameron) may dance around the ring beforehand, at some point, he will come within the reach of a big clunking fist.“

— Gordon Brown
Hansard, House of Commons, 6th series, vol. 453, col. 29 (15 November 2006) Tony Blair, speaking in the House of Commons; the term 'big clunking fist' was taken as a reference to Brown.


„Politics seems much less important today. When you see your young daughter smiling as she was, and moving around, it's a superb feeling.“

— Gordon Brown
Colin Wills, "'This will be a big change in my life .. politics is now less important' says new dad Gordon Brown", Sunday Mirror, 30 December, 2001, p. 4. Press conference on the birth of his first daughter, Jennifer Jane Brown, 29 December 2001; she died nine days later.

„We will not return to the old boom and bust.“

— Gordon Brown
Brown's 11th Budget Speech 21 Mar 2007

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