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Frédéric Chopin

Data de nascimento: 22. Fevereiro 1810
Data de falecimento: 17. Outubro 1849
Outros nomes:Frédéric François Chopin


Frédéric François Chopin, também chamado Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin , foi um pianista polonês-francês radicado na França e compositor para piano da era romântica. É amplamente conhecido como um dos maiores compositores para piano e um dos pianistas mais importantes da história. Sua técnica refinada e sua elaboração harmônica vêm sendo comparadas historicamente com as de outros grandes compositores, como Mozart e Beethoven, assim como sua duradoura influência na música até os dias de hoje.

Citações Frédéric Chopin


„How strange! This bed on which I shall lie has been slept on by more than one dying man, but today it does not repel me! Who knows what corpses have lain on it and for how long? But is a corpse any worse than I? A corpse too knows nothing of its father, mother or sisters or Titus. Nor has a corpse a sweetheart. A corpse, too, is pale, like me. A corpse is cold, just as I am cold and indifferent to everything. A corpse has ceased to live, and I too have had enough of life.... Why do we live on through this wretched life which only devours us and serves to turn us into corpses? The clocks in the Stuttgart belfries strike the midnight hour. Oh how many people have become corpses at this moment! Mothers have been torn from their children, children from their mothers - how many plans have come to nothing, how much sorrow has sprung from these depths, and how much relief!... Virtue and vice have come in the end to the same thing! It seems that to die is man's finest action - and what might be his worst? To be born, since that is the exact opposite of his best deed. It is therefore right of me to be angry that I was ever born into this world! Why was I not prevented from remaining in a world where I am utterly useless? What good can my existence bring to anyone? … But wait, wait! What's this? Tears? How long it is since they flowed! How is this, seeing that an arid melancholy has held me for so long in its grip? How good it feels - and sorrowful. Sad but kindly tears! What a strange emotion! Sad but blessed. It is not good for one to be sad, and yet how pleasant it is - a strange state...“

— Frédéric Chopin
Stuttgart. After 8th September 1831.