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Edward Heath

Data de nascimento: 9. Julho 1916
Data de falecimento: 17. Julho 2005


Sir Edward Richard George Heath, KG MBE , foi um político britânico, foi líder do Partido Conservador de 1965 a 1975 e primeiro-ministro do Reino Unido, de 1970 a 1974.

Heath era um velejador de classe mundial e um músico de quase padrão profissional. Ele também foi um dos quatro primeiros-ministros britânicos a nunca se casarem.

Citações Edward Heath

„Everyone who is already here must be treated as equal before the law.“

—  Edward Heath
Leader of the Opposition, Interview with London Weekend Television's Man in the News (18 January 1970), quoted in The Times (19 January 1970), p. 1


„Benn, Shore and Foot were like the three witches in Macbeth.“

—  Edward Heath
Post-Prime Ministerial, ... In some darkened room of Transport House, on the very left of the building, they are busy boiling their own witches' brew. A dash of distortion here, an element of exaggeration there, all of course to be taken with a pinch of salt. And as they brew their myths, they delight in creating hubble, bubble, toil and trouble. ... [Benn] is probably the biggest bureaucrat and the wildest spendthrift that this country has ever known. But let us recognize the facts. Benn, Shore and Foot are using the Europe issue to brew up toil and trouble inside the Labour Party for their own ends. ...If there was a "No" vote in the referendum, we would find ourselves pulling out of Europe straight into the welcoming arms of the wild men of Labour's left. Speech to the Conservative Group for Europe in Central Hall, Westminster (19 April 1975), quoted in The Times (21 April 1975), p. 4

„We shall have a harder Christmas than we have known since the war.“

—  Edward Heath
Prime Minister, ibid. Reported in Time magazine (24 December 1973). It was spoken on television.

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„Rejoice! Rejoice!“

—  Edward Heath
Post-Prime Ministerial, On hearing the news of Margaret Thatcher's resignation (22 November 1990), quoted in John Campbell, Edward Heath (London: Jonathan Cape, 1993), p. 787. When asked later if it was true that he had issued such a joyful declaration on his rival's political demise, he said no. He hadn't said rejoice twice, he had said it three times.

„You'll lose.“

—  Edward Heath
Disputed, His full response supposedly made to Margaret Thatcher when she informed him she would be standing against him for the Conservative leadership in 1975. Attributed to him in his Daily Telegraph obituary (18 July 2005), although disputed by Heath's autobiography.

„For all Mr. Gorbachev's policies, is he prepared to see the break-up of the Soviet empire? I do not think so for one moment.“

—  Edward Heath
Post-Prime Ministerial, Speech in the House of Commons (14 July 1989)

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