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Willy Brandt

Data de nascimento: 18. Dezembro 1913
Data de falecimento: 8. Outubro 1992


Willy Brandt, nascido Herbert Ernst Karl Frahm , foi um político social-democrata alemão.Entre 1957 e 1966 foi prefeito de Berlim, entre 1966 e 1969 foi ministro dos assuntos exteriores e vice-chanceler, entre 1969 e 1974 foi chanceler da República Federal da Alemanha. Pela sua Ostpolitik, cujo objectivo eram o relaxamento e equilíbrio com as ditaduras do Bloco do Leste, foi-lhe atribuído o Nobel da Paz no dia 10 de dezembro de 1971. Demitiu-se, em 1974, devido ao escândalo da descoberta de um espião alemão-oriental no seu gabinete.

Citações Willy Brandt

„What belongs together, is growing together again.“

— Willy Brandt
In 1989, as quoted in "Confederation Again" (26 July 2018), by Brian Reynolds Myers, Sthele Press


„We want to take a chance on more democracy.“

— Willy Brandt
government policy statement on 28 October 1969, p. 1, (PDF file).

„Those who adhere to the past won't be able to cope with the future.“

— Willy Brandt
speech at the extraordinary convention of the Social Democratic Party of Germany on 18 November 1971, book source: "Reden und Interviews: Herbst 1971 bis Frühjahr 1973", Hoffmann und Campe, 1973, p. 25.

„Even though two states in Germany exist, they are not foreign countries to each other—their relations with each other can only be of a special kind.“

— Willy Brandt
government policy statement on 28 October 1969, p. 2, (PDF file).

„I put it down on paper again in the summer of this year: ‘Berlin will live, and the Wall will fall.“

— Willy Brandt
speech at the Rathaus Schöneberg in Berlin on 10 November 1989,

„We are not chosen by God, but by the voters—therefore we seek dialogue with all those who put effort into this democracy.“

— Willy Brandt
government policy statement on 28 October 1969, p. 19, (PDF file).

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