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Data de nascimento: 5 a.C.
Data de falecimento: 19 a.C.


Álbio Tibulo foi um poeta lírico latino.

Citações Tibulo


„Because of thee thy Egypt never sues for showers, nor does the parched blade bow to Jove the Rain-giver.“

—  Tibullus
Bk. 1, no. 7, line 25. Of the River Nile. Variant translation: Because of you your land never pleads for showers, nor does its parched grass pray to Jupiter the Rain-giver.

„May I look on thee when my last hour comes; may I hold thy hand, as I sink, in my dying clasp.“

—  Tibullus
Bk. 1, no. 1, line 59. Variant translation: May I be looking at you when my last hour has come, and dying may I hold you with my weakening hand.

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