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Marcus Manilius foi um poeta e astrólogo romano do século I d.C.

Manilius é conhecido principalmente por um poema dividido em 5 livros, chamado Astronomica, que é um tratado sobre astrologia. Nada é conhecido sobre sua vida, no entanto sua fluência em latim, associado ao conhecimento de autores latinos como Virgílio, Tito Lívio e Cícero, sugere que pode ter sido romano

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„As we are born we die, and the end commences with the beginning.“

—  Marcus Manilius
Book IV, line 16. Quoted by Michel de Montaigne in Essays (1580), Book I, Chapter 19. Variant translation: When we are born we die, our end is but the pendant of our beginning.


„Labor is itself a pleasure.“

—  Marcus Manilius
Variant translation (reading ipsa): Even pleasure itself is a toil. Book IV, line 155. Explained by Housman ad loc. The first reading is the correct one in the context.


„Death's law brings change to all created things;
Lands cease to know themselves as years roll on.
As centuries pass, e'en nations change their form,
Yet safe the world remains, with all it holds.“

—  Marcus Manilius
Book I, line 515, as reported in Dictionary of Quotations (classical) (1897) by T. B. Harbottle, p. 197. G. P. Goold's translation: Everything born to a mortal existence is subject to change, nor does the earth notice that, despoiled by the passing years, it bears an appearance which varies through the ages. Variant translation (disputed): Everything that is created is changed by the laws of man; the earth does not know itself in the revolution of years; even the races of man assume various forms in the course of ages.

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