Frases de Kurt Lewin

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Kurt Lewin

Data de nascimento: 9. Setembro 1890
Data de falecimento: 12. Fevereiro 1947


Kurt Lewin foi um psicólogo alemão-americano.

Citações Kurt Lewin

„If you want truly to understand something, try to change it.“

—  Kurt Lewin
Attributed to Kurt Lewin in: Charles W. Tolman (1996) Problems of Theoretical Psychology - ISTP 1995. p. 31.


„[Conflict can be defined] as the opposition of approximately equally strong field forces.“

—  Kurt Lewin
p. 109 as cited in: Man Cheung Chung, Michael E. Hyland (2012) History and Philosophy of Psychology. p. 107.


„Whatever is common to children of a given age is set up as the fundamental character of that age. The fact that three-year-old children are quite often negative is considered evidence that negativism is inherent in the nature of three-year-olds, and the concept of a negative age or stage is then regarded as an explanation for the appearance of negativism.“

—  Kurt Lewin
p. 153 as cited in: Eells, T. D. (2007). " Generating and generalizing knowledge about psychotherapy from pragmatic case studies". In: Pragmatic Case Studies in Psychotherapy, Vol 3, Nr. 1, p. 35-54.

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