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Helmut Schmidt

Data de nascimento: 23. Dezembro 1918
Data de falecimento: 10. Novembro 2015


Helmut Heinrich Waldemar Schmidt foi um político do Partido Social-Democrata da Alemanha. Considerado um dos pais do Euro e um dos maiores estadistas do século XX. Era luterano.

Foi o quinto chanceler da Alemanha, de 1974 a 1982, tendo servido, entre outros, brevemente como Ministro das Relações Exteriores, no fim do seu mandato como chanceler alemão.

Citações Helmut Schmidt


„Science and future, that is a contradiction.“

— Helmut Schmidt
"Politics commemorates former German chancellor Helmut Schmidt" from the Kleine Zeitung

„The rule of law does not have to win, it does not have to lose, but it has to exist!“

— Helmut Schmidt
DIE ZEIT, nr. 36/2007, 30. August 2007

„The snail's pace is the normal pace of any democracy.“

— Helmut Schmidt
DIE ZEIT, 19. Oktober 2003,


„Whoever has visions should go to the doctor.“

— Helmut Schmidt
from Schmidt confirmed in a letter from the 26. February 2009 to the Student Council Social Sciences St.-Ursula-Gymnasium Attendorn

„If we continue on for decades as before, then I have to be pessimistic about our country.“

— Helmut Schmidt
in conversation with the authors of the series of documentaries "Der Fall Deutschland", statcion Phoenix, 12. February 2006,

„I think that the idea that a modern society would be able to establish itself as a multicultural society, with as many cultural groups as possible is absurd. One cannot make out of Germany with at least a thousand years of history since Otto I subsequently make a crucible.“

— Helmut Schmidt
Frankfurter Rundschau, 12. September 1992, S. 8, zitiert in und


„It is an irony of history that the public sector union, my union, in which I am a member for over 50 years, that imagines that the public service should be the pacemaker in the wage increase. One must be crazy.“

— Helmut Schmidt
speech "The catch-up process of the East has gone to end in 1996 - What to do?" at the 10. May 2004 for the "Erfurt Dialogues",

„What troubles me is that we will see in Germany no approximation of the East German income to the West German income anymore, because productivity stays so far behind.“

— Helmut Schmidt
speech "The catch-up process of the East has gone to end in 1996 - What to do?" at the 10. May 2004 for the "Erfurt Dialogues",

„It seems to me that the German people can - pointedly - tolerate 5 percent price increase better than 5 percent unemployment.“

— Helmut Schmidt
Interview with Helmut Schmidt on the 27. July 1972 in Bonn, partly printed in the Süddeutsche Zeitung of 28. July 1972 (nr. 171), p. 8

„Do we want also to be world champion in moaning?“

— Helmut Schmidt
in "Because Germany has to change" DIE ZEIT 22/2003 22. Mai 2003

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