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Gerhard Schröder

Data de nascimento: 7. Abril 1944


Nota: Se procura pelo Político da CDU Gerhard Schröder.

Gerhard Fritz Kurt Schröder é um político alemão. Foi Bundeskanzler da República Federal da Alemanha, de 1998 a 2005. É luterano.

Citações Gerhard Schröder

„We don't wage war, but we are called upon to impose a peaceful solution“

— Gerhard Schröder
Context: We don't wage war, but we are called upon to impose a peaceful solution in Kosovo by military means as well. 24 March 1999 on German television, quoted in the documentary film ‘Es begann mit einer Lüge’, the complete manuscript of the film

„We will be forced to cut state benefits, support personal responsibility and demand higher personal contributions from each individual.“

— Gerhard Schröder
government policy statement, 14 March 2003, quoted on,15187246,13237294.html


„We have to insist that those who come to us show a willingness to integrate that corresponds to our readiness to integrate them.“

— Gerhard Schröder
on the integration of immigrants, laudatory speech on the occasion of the presentation of the ’Preis für Toleranz und Verständigung’ (Prize for Tolerance and Understanding), 20 November 2004, quoted on

„As long as he lived, Yasser Arafat directed his efforts towards leading the Palestinians to independence and founding a sovereign viable Palestinian state.“

— Gerhard Schröder
letter of condolence to the then prime minister of the Palestinian National Authority Ahmed Qurei, 11 November 2004, quoted on

„I believe him, and I'm convinced that he is.“

— Gerhard Schröder
responding to the question Ist Putin ein lupenreiner Demokrat? (Is Putin an exemplary democrat?), interview on the TV show ‘Beckmann’, 23 November 2004, quoted on