Citações Ferdinand Foch

„This is not a peace. It is an armistice for 20 years.“

—  Ferdinand Foch
Said after the Treaty of Versailles, as quoted in Memoires (1963) by Paul Reynaud, vol. 2, p. 457


„In a time such as ours when people believe they can do without an ideal, cast away what they call abstract ideas, live on realism, rationalism, positivism, reduce everything to knowledge or to the use of more or less ingenious and casual devices — let us acknowledge it here — in such a time there is only one means of avoiding error, crime, disaster, of determining the conduct to be followed on a given occasion — but a safe means it is, and a fruitful one; this is the exclusive devotion to two abstract notions in the field of ethics: duty and discipline; such a devotion, if it is to lead to happy results, further implies besides… knowledge and reasoning.“

—  Ferdinand Foch
p. 150 Variant translation: In our time, which thinks it can do without ideals, that it can reject what it calls abstractions, and nourish itself on realism, rationalism and positivism; which thinks it can reduce all questions to matters of science or to the employing of more or less ingenious expedients; at such a time, I say, there is but one resource if you are to avoid disaster, and only one which will make you certain of what course to hold upon a given day. It is the worship — to the exclusion of all others — of two Ideas in the field of morals: duty and discipline. And that worship further needs, if it is to bear fruit and produce results, knowledge and reason. As quoted in "A Sketch of the Military Career of Marshal Foch" by Major A. Grasset <!-- p. 10 -->

„A radish will never stand in the way of victory.“

—  Ferdinand Foch
As quoted in M*A*S*H, Season 3, Episode 1, "The General Flipped At Dawn"; this seems to be a jocular fabrication.

„None but a coward dares to boast that he has never known fear.“

—  Ferdinand Foch
As quoted in Encarta Book of Quotations (2000) by Bill Swainson and Anne H. Soukhanov, p. 338

„I am conscious of having served England as I served my own country.“

—  Ferdinand Foch
As engraved on the statue of Ferdinand Foch on Grosvenor Square, London.

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