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Ernst von Glasersfeld

Data de nascimento: 8. Março 1917
Data de falecimento: 12. Novembro 2010


Ernst von Glasersfeld era filósofo alemão.

Citações Ernst von Glasersfeld


„What we call knowledge does not and cannot have the purpose of producing representations of an independent reality, but instead has an adaptive function.“

—  Ernst von Glasersfeld
Von Glasersfeld cited in: E. John Capaldi, Robert W. Proctor (1999) Contextualism in psychological research?: a critical review. p. 10

„As a metaphor - and I stress that it is intended as a metaphor - the concept of an invariant that arises out of mutually or cyclically balancing changes may help us to approach the concept of self. In cybernetics this metaphor is implemented in the ‘closed loop’, the circular arrangement of feedback mechanisms that maintain a given value within certain limits. They work toward an invariant, but the invariant is achieved not by a steady resistance, the way a rock stands unmoved in the wind, but by compensation over time. Whenever we happen to look in a feedback loop, we find the present act pitted against the immediate past, but already on the way to being compensated itself by the immediate future. The invariant the system achieves can, therefore, never be found or frozen in a single element because, by its very nature, it consists in one or more relationships - and relationships are not in things but between them.
If the self, as I suggest, is a relational entity, it cannot have a locus in the world of experiential objects. It does not reside in the heart, as Aristotle thought, nor in the brain, as we tend to think today. It resides in no place at all, but merely manifests itself in the continuity of our acts of differentiating and relating and in the intuitive certainty we have that our experience is truly ours.“

—  Ernst von Glasersfeld
pp.186-7 cited in: Vincent Kenny (2010) Remembering Ernst von Glasersfeld at, retrieved Oct 11, 2012.

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