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Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Data de nascimento: 3. Julho 1860
Data de falecimento: 17. Agosto 1935


Charlotte Perkins Gilman foi uma grande romancista Americana; também escritora de contos, poesia e não-ficção e uma palestra sobre reforma social. Ela era uma utopista feminista em uma época em que suas ações não condiziam com as atitudes das mulheres, e serviu de modelo para futuras gerações feministas por causa de seus conceitos não ortodoxos e seu estilo de vida. O seu trabalho mais famoso é seu conto semi-autobiográfico O Papel de Parede Amarelo.

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„I learned a lot, when I was a child, from novels and stories, even fairytales have some point to them--the good ones. The thing that impressed me most forcibly was this: the villains went to work with their brains and always accomplished something. To be sure they were "foiled" in the end, but that was by some special interposition of Providence, not by any equal exertion of intellect on the part of the good people. The heroes and middle ones were mostly very stupid. If bad things happened, they practised patience, endurance, resignation, and similar virtues; if good things happened they practised modesty and magnanimity and virtues like that, but it never seemed to occur to any of them to make things move their way. Whatever the villains planned for them to do, they did, like sheep. The same old combinations of circumstances would be worked off on them in book after book--and they always tumbled.

It used to worry me as a discord worries a musician. Hadn't they ever read anything? Couldn't they learn anything from what they read--ever? It appeared not. And it seemed to me, even as a very little child, that what we wanted was good people with brains, not just negative, passive, good people, but positive, active ones, who gave their minds to it.

"A good villain. That's what we need!" I said to myself. "Why don't they write about them? Aren't there ever any?"

I never found any in all my beloved story books, or in real life. And gradually, I made up my mind to be one.“

— Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Benigna Machiavelli