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W. S. Gilbert

Data de nascimento: 18. Novembro 1836
Data de falecimento: 29. Maio 1911
Outros nomes:Sir William Schwenck Gilbert


William Schwenck Gilbert, Kt. foi um dramaturgo, libretista e ilustrador do Reino Unido.

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„Oh, I am a cook and a captain bold
And the mate of the Nancy brig,
And a bo'sun tight and a midshipmite
And the crew of the captain's gig.“

— W. S. Gilbert
The Yarn of the "Nancy Bell". Compare: There were three sailors of Bristol city Who took a boat and went to sea. But first with beef and captain's biscuits And pickled pork they loaded she. There was gorging Jack and guzzling Jimmy, And the youngest he was little Billee. Now when they got as far as the Equator They'd nothing left but one split pea. W. M. Thackeray: Little Billee.

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