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Ralph Nader

Data de nascimento: 27. Fevereiro 1934

Ralph Nader é um advogado e político estadunidense de origem libanesa.

Diplomado pelas universidades de Harvard e Princeton tornou-se célebre pelas suas campanhas a favor dos direitos dos consumidores nos anos 60 desenvolvidas em conjunto com a associação Public Citizen. Promoveu a discussão de temas como os direitos dos consumidores, o feminismo, o humanismo, a ecologia e a governação democrática. Nader criticou duramente a política internacional exercida pelos Estados Unidos nas últimas décadas, que vê como corporativista, imperialista, contrária aos valores fundamentais da democracia e dos direitos humanos. O seu activismo foi de grande importância na criação de grandes organizações governamentais e não governamentais estadunidenses.

Em 1965, Ralph Nader provocou polêmica nos Estados Unidos com a publicação de seu livro Unsafe at Any Speed , onde questionava a poderosa indústria automobilística estadunidense sobre as razões das mortes de milhares de cidadãos em acidentes automobilísticos, onde o resultado fatal poderia ter sido evitado se os veículos dispusessem de equipamentos de segurança já existentes naquela época, e que, por razões de economia de custos, não eram instalados nos veículos.

Ralph Nader candidatou-se quatro vezes a presidente dos Estados Unidos . Em 1996 e 2000 candidatou-se com as cores do Partido Verde, sendo o candidato a vice-presidente Winona LaDuke. Em 2004 candidatou-se como independente, com apoio do Partido Reformista, sendo o candidato a vice-presidente Pedro Miguel Camejo.

„Só Al Gore pode bater Al Gore. E ele tem feito um bom trabalho nesse sentido.“

„The use of solar energy has not been opened up because the oil industry does not own the sun.“

„A society that has more justice is a society that needs less charity.“

„Ours is a system of corporate socialism, where companies capitalize their profits and socialize their losses…in effect, they tax you for their accidents, bungling, boondoggles, and mismanagement, just like a government. We should be able to deselect them.“

„Your best teacher is your last mistake.“

„Since I was a law student, I have been against the death penalty. It does not deter. It is severely discriminatory against minorities, especially since they're given no competent legal counsel defense in many cases. It's a system that has to be perfect. You cannot execute one innocent person. No system is perfect. And to top it off, for those of you who are interested in the economics it, it costs more to pursue a capital case toward execution than it does to have full life imprisonment without parole“

„There can be no daily democracy without daily citizenship.“

„You should not allow yourself the luxuries of discouragement of despair. Bounce back immediately, and welcome the adversity because it produces harder thinking and harder drive to get to the objective.“

„[Free trade agreements] are trade agreements that don't…they colonize environmental labor, and consumer issues of grave concern (in terms of health safety, and livelihoods too) to many, many hundreds of millions of people - and they do that by subordinating consumer, environmental, and labor issues to the imperatives and the supremacy of international commerce.

That is exactly the reverse of how democratic societies have progressed, because over the decades they've progressed by subordinating the profiteering priorities of companies to, say, higher environmental health standards; abolition of child labor; the right of workers to have fair worker standards…and it's this subordination of these three major categories that affect people's lives, labor, environment, the consumer, to the supremacy and domination of trade; where instead of trade getting on its knees and showing that it doesn't harm consumers - it doesn't deprive the important pharmaceuticals because of drug company monopolies, it doesn't damage the air and water and soil and food (environmentally), and it doesn't lacerate the rights of workers - no, it's just the opposite: it's workers and consumers and environments that have to kneel before this giant pedestal of commercial trade and prove that they are not, in a whole variety of ways, impeding international commerce…so this is the road to dictatorial devolution of democratic societies: because these trade agreements have the force of law, they've got enforcement teeth, and they bypass national courts, national regulatory agencies, in ways that really reflect a massive, silent, mega-corporate coup d'etat…that was pulled off in the mid-1990's.“

„Let it not be said by a future, forlorn generation that we wasted and lost our great potential because our despair was so deep we didn't even try, or because each of us thought someone else was worrying about our problems.“

„Moral courage is the highest expression of humanity...“ Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!

„A society with more justice needs less charity.“

„As a public interest lawyer, your fund of injustice will never be empty.“

„Members of Congress are like the voters in one respect -- they want to go with the winners.“ Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!

„It is a disturbing sign of the times when the two most transformative science technologies affecting the globe—biotechnology and nanotechnology—are governed by no external ethical or legal frameworks to protect public safety and other public interests, despite the fact that both industries have benefited from heavy taxpayer-funded government support.“ The Seventeen Solutions: New Ideas for Our American Future

„If the people are the landlords of the public airwaves and the television and radio stations are the tenants, why don’t the tenants pay rent?“ The Seventeen Solutions: New Ideas for Our American Future

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