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Jackson Pollock

Data de nascimento: 28. Janeiro 1912
Data de falecimento: 11. Agosto 1956


Paul Jackson Pollock foi um pintor norte-americano e referência no movimento do expressionismo abstrato.

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„Technic is the result of a need new needs demand new technics total control denial of the accident States of order organic intensity energy and motion made visible memories arrested in space, human needs and motives acceptance“

— Jackson Pollock
Quote around 1948-'49; as cited in Abstract Expressionism (1990), David Anfam, p. 121 Pollock wrote this text on the back of a photo of himself taken in his own studio.

„My concern is with the rhythms of nature... I work inside out, like nature.“

— Jackson Pollock
Quoted in Leonhard Emmerling (2003) Jackson Pollock: 1912-1956 Taschen, p. 48

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