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Jackson Pollock

Data de nascimento: 28. Janeiro 1912
Data de falecimento: 11. Agosto 1956


Paul Jackson Pollock foi um pintor norte-americano e referência no movimento do expressionismo abstrato.

Citações Jackson Pollock

„I believe easel painting to be a dying form, and the tendency of modern feeling is toward the wall picture or mural..“

—  Jackson Pollock
In his application for a grant given by the Guggenheim Foundation 1944; as quoted in Abstract expressionism, Barbara Hess, Taschen Köln, 2006, p. 9


„I am nature.“

—  Jackson Pollock
In Krasner's words: 'When I brought Hofmann up to meet Pollock and see his work which was before we moved here, Hofmann's reaction was — one of the questions he asked Jackson was, do you work from nature? There were no still lifes around or models around and Jackson's answer was, 'I am nature.' And Hofmann's reply was, 'Ah, but if you work by heart, you will repeat yourself.' To which Jackson did not reply at all.' Attributed by Lee Krasner (1964) in "" Oral history interview with Lee Krasner, 1964 Nov. 2-1968 Apr. 11"", interview with Dorothy Seckler for the Smithsonian Institution Archives of American Art.

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