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David Gerrold

Data de nascimento: 24. Janeiro 1944
Outros nomes:Дейвід Джерролд,دیوید قررول


David Gerrold é um roteirista de ficção científica e escritor americano conhecido por seu roteiro para o popular episódio de Star Trek original "The Trouble With Tribbles", por criar a raça Sleestak para a série de tv Land of the Lost, e por seu romance The Martian Child, que ganhou tanto os prêmios Hugo e Nebula, e foi adaptado em um filme de 2007 estrelado por John Cusack.

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„I’ve always suspected that Judas was the most faithful of the apostles, and that his betrayal of Jesus was not a betrayal at all, simply a test to prove that Christ could not be betrayed. The way I see it, Judas hoped and expected that Christ would have worked some kind of miracle and turned away those soldiers when they came for him. Or perhaps he would not die on the cross. Or perhaps—well, never mind. In any case, Jesus didn’t do any of these things, probably because he was not capable of it. You see, I’ve also always believed that Christ was not the son of God, but just a very very good man, and that he had no supernatural powers at all, just the abilities of any normal human being. When he died, that’s when Judas realized that he had not been testing God at all—he’d been betraying a human being, perhaps the best human being. Judas’s mistake was in wanting too much to believe in the powers of Christ. He wanted Christ to demonstrate to everyone that he was the son of God, and he believed his Christ could do it—only his Christ wasn’t the son of God and couldn’t do it, and he died. You see, it was Christ who betrayed Judas—by promising what he couldn’t deliver. And Judas realized what he had done and hung himself. That’s my interpretation of it, Auberson—not the traditional, I’ll agree, but it has more meaning to me. Judas’s mistake was in believing too hard and not questioning first what he thought were facts. I don’t intend to repeat that mistake.“

— David Gerrold
Section 37 (p. 216)

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