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Charles William Eliot

Data de nascimento: 20. Março 1834
Data de falecimento: 22. Agosto 1926


Charles William Eliot - que falta uma descrição mais detalhada do autor.

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„Enter to grow in wisdom. / Depart to serve better thy country and thy kind.“

— Charles William Eliot
Over entrance (“Enter”) and exit (“Depart”) of Dexter gate (gift of Class of 1890) to Harvard Yard, erected 1901. Alternatives Eliot considered included “Enter daily to grow in wisdom,” and “Depart to serve better thy country and mankind.” Widely paraphrased as: Enter to learn; go forth to serve. Used by schools including Brigham Young University, Delaware State University, Tennessee State University, Keene State College, and Oakland City College. Sometimes credited (in abbreviated form) to Margaret Sanger. Sometimes parodied as: “Enter to learn; go forth to earn.”

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