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Ariabata ou Ariabata I foi o primeiro dentre os grandes matemáticos-astrônomos da Idade Clássica dos matemáticos e astrônomos indianos. Seu trabalho inclui o Ariabatiia e o Aria-Sidanta.

Citações Aryabhata

„In Indian astronomy, the prime meridian is the great circle of the Earth passing through the north and south poles, Ujjayinī and Laṅkā, where Laṅkā was assumed to be on the Earth's equator.“

—  Aryabhata
In Aryabhatiya quoted in: J J O'Connor and E F Robertson Aryabhata the Elder, School of Mathematics and Statistics University of St Andrews, Scotland.

„Translates to: for a triangle, the result of a perpendicular with the half-side is the area.“

—  Aryabhata
In: Arijit Roy “The Enigma of Creation and Destruction”, p. 27 from the Ganitapada, quoted in "The Enigma of Creation and Destruction".

„Translates to: Add four to 100, multiply by eight, and then add 62,000. By this rule the circumference of a circle with a diameter of 20,000 can be approached. Thus according to the rule ((4 + 100) × 8 + 62000)/20000 = 62832/20000 = 3.1416, which is accurate to five significant figures.“

—  Aryabhata
In: Arijit Roy The Enigma of Creation and Destruction, Author House, 28 October 2011, p. 27 The irrationality of pi was proved by Lambert in Europe in the year 1761.