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Andrew Jackson

Data de nascimento: 15. Março 1767
Data de falecimento: 8. Junho 1845


Andrew Jackson foi um advogado e político americano. Foi o sétimo presidente dos Estados Unidos, de 1829 a 1837.

Foi também governador militar da Flórida , comandante das forças americanas na Batalha de Nova Orleães , e epônimo da Democracia Jacksoniana. Jackson foi uma figura polarizadora, que dominou a política americana dos anos 1820 aos anos 1830. Sua ambição política, combinada com a ampliação da participação política por mais pessoas, que moldaram o moderno Partido Democrata. Famoso pela sua dureza, ele era apelidado de "Old Hickory" .

Citações Andrew Jackson

„Peace, above all things, is to be desired, but blood must sometimes be spilled to obtain it on equable and lasting terms.“

— Andrew Jackson
As quoted in Many Thoughts of Many Minds: A Treasury of Quotations from the Literature of Every Land and Every Age (1896) edited by Louis Klopsch, p. 209.

„Any man worth his salt will stick up for what he believes right, but it takes a slightly better man to acknowledge instantly and without reservation that he is in error.“

— Andrew Jackson
General Peyton C. March, as quoted in Crew Resource Management for the Fire Service (2004) by Randy Okray and Thomas Lubnau II, p. 25.


„Corporations have neither bodies to kick nor souls to damn.“

— Andrew Jackson
This is widely attributed to Jackson on the internet, but in research done for Wikiquote, no published source has been found. Similar remarks, "Corporations have neither bodies to be punished, nor souls to be condemned, they therefore do as they like." and "It has no soul to damn and no body to kick." have been attributed to Edward Thurlow, 1st Baron Thurlow (9 December 1731 – 12 September 1806).

„It is a damn poor mind indeed which can't think of at least two ways to spell any word.“

— Andrew Jackson
Sometimes reported as having been a retort to statements of his political rival, John Quincy Adams, who had boycotted Harvard University's awarding of a Doctorate of Laws degree to Jackson in 1833, declaring "I would not be present to witness her [Harvard's] disgrace in conferring her highest literary honors on a barbarian who could not write a sentence of grammar and could hardly spell his own name." Quoted in News Reporting and Writing 4th edition (1987) by M. Mencher. Unsourced variant: Never trust a man who has only one way to spell a word. Likely misattributed

„Desperate courage makes One a majority.“

— Andrew Jackson
As quoted by James Parton in the Life of Andrew Jackson (1860), vol. III, ch. XXXVI, "War Upon the Bank Renewed" However, see also the mis-attributed quote "one man with courage makes a majority."

„Oh, do not cry. Be good children, and we shall all meet in Heaven … I want to meet you all, white and black, in Heaven.“

— Andrew Jackson
Last recorded words, to his grand-children and his servants, as quoted in The National Preacher (1845) by Austin Dickinson, p. 192.

„No one need think that the world can be ruled without blood. The civil sword shall and must be red and bloody.“

— Andrew Jackson
Martin Luther, Von Kaufhandlung und Wucher, 1524, (Vol. XV, p. 302, of the Weimar edition of Luther's works).


„I killed the bank.“

— Andrew Jackson
Some claim that Jackson said this on his deathbed. Some websites also claim that this is inscribed upon Jackson's tombstone.


„You are uneasy; you never sailed with me before, I see.“

— Andrew Jackson
Remark to an elderly gentleman who was sailing with Jackson down Chesapeake Bay in an old steamboat, and who exhibited a little fear. Life of Jackson (Parton). Vol. iii. p. 493.

„The people are the government, administering it by their agents; they are the Government, the sovereign power.“

— Andrew Jackson
Quoted in The Many Faces of Alexander Hamilton The Life and Legacy of America's Most Elusive Founding Father, Ambrose & Martin, NYU Press (2007), p. 32

„Never take counsel of your fears.“

— Andrew Jackson
Quoted as "a favorite maxim" of Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson in Memoirs of Stonewall Jackson by His Widow, Mary Anna Jackson, Prentice Press/Courier Journal, 1895; ch. XIII p. 264 Without any reference to Jackson in: Conversations of Our Club. Brownson's Quarterly Review, October 1858. p. 459

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