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William Beckford

Data de nascimento: 1. Outubro 1760
Data de falecimento: 2. Maio 1844


William Thomas Beckford , mais conhecido apenas por William Beckford, foi um aristocrata inglês, romancista, autor de Vathek , crítico de arte, escritor de viagens e político inglês. Foi perseguido nos últimos anos da sua vida devido à sua homossexualidade.

Citações William Beckford

„I am not over-fond of resisting temptation.“

—  William Beckford
Je n'aime pas à résister à la tentation. P. 140; translation p. 83.

„I myself have a great desire to watch over thy conduct, and visit the subterranean palace, which, no doubt, contains whatever can interest persons like us. There is nothing so pleasing as retiring to caverns: my taste for dead bodies, and everything like mummy, is decided.“

—  William Beckford
J'aurois grande envie de voir ce palais souterrein, rempli d'objets intéressans pour les gens de notre espèce; il n'est rien que j'aime autant que les caverns; mon goût pour les cadavres & les momies est décidé. P. 56; translation p. 34.


„I fear I shall never be…good for anything in this world, but composing airs, building towers, forming gardens, collecting old Japan, and writing a journey to China or the Moon.“

—  William Beckford
Letter to Catherine, Lady Hamilton, April 1781; cited from Lewis Melville The Life and Letters of William Beckford of Fonthill (London: William Heinemann, 1910) p. 92.

„When he was angry, one of his eyes became so terrible, that no person could bear to behold it; and the wretch upon whom it was fixed, instantly fell backward, and sometimes expired. For fear, however, of depopulating his dominions, and making his palace desolate, he but rarely gave way to his anger.“

—  William Beckford
Quand il étoit en colère, un de ses yeux devenoit si terrible qu'on n'en pouvoit pas soutenir les regards: le malheureux sur lequel il le fixoit tomboit à la renverse, & quelquefois même expiroit à l'instant. Aussi, dans la crainte de dépeupler ses états, & de faire un désert de son palais, ce prince ne se mettoit en colère que très-rarement. P. 3; translation p. 1.

„Eternal Power!
Grant me through obvious clouds one transient gleam
Of thy bright essence in my dying hour!“

—  William Beckford
"A Prayer", line 14; cited from Cyrus Redding Memoirs of William Beckford of Fonthill (London: Charles J. Skeet, 1859) vol. 2, p. 283.

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