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Viktor Orbán

Data de nascimento: 31. Maio 1963


Viktor Orbán é um político húngaro de extrema direita, primeiro-ministro da Hungria desde 2010, tendo exercido o cargo também entre 1998 e 2002. Orbán é líder do Fidesz, um partido nacional-conservador populista de direita que é, atualmente, o maior partido político do país.Estudou Direito na Universidade Eötvös Loránd, em Budapeste, onde se graduou em 1987. Os dois anos seguintes residiu em Szolnok, porém retornou a Budapeste onde trabalhou como sociólogo no Instituto de Treinamento Gerencial do Ministério da Agricultura e Alimentação.

Em 1989 recebeu uma bolsa de estudos da Fundação Soros e passou um ano em Oxford, onde estudou no Pembroke College.

Orbán é fundador do partido Fidesz, criado por ele em 30 de março de 1988. No ano seguinte, ele discursou na praça dos Heróis, em Budapeste, durante o re-sepultamento de Imre Nagy e outros mártires da Revolução Húngara de 1956. O discurso tornou-o conhecido nacionalmente e politicamente. Ainda em 1989 ele tomou parte da mesa-redonda de negociação das oposições.

Em 1990 ele se tornou membro do parlamento húngaro e líder de seu partido, que se transformou de liberal em um partido conservador de centro-direita, após o colapso da direita nacional em 1994.

Orbán ocupa também a vice-presidência do Partido Popular Europeu desde outubro de 2002.

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„Naturally, when considering the whole issue of who will live in Europe, one could argue that this problem will be solved by successful integration. The reality, however, is that we’re not aware of any examples of successful integration... In countering arguments for successful integration, we must also point out that if people with diverging goals find themselves in the same system or country, it won’t lead to integration, but to chaos. It’s obvious that the culture of migrants contrasts dramatically with European culture. Opposing ideologies and values cannot be simultaneously upheld, as they are mutually exclusive. To give you the most obvious example, the European people think it desirable for men and women to be equal, while for the Muslim community this idea is unacceptable, as in their culture the relationship between men and women is seen in terms of a hierarchical order. These two concepts cannot be upheld at the same time. It’s only a question of time before one or the other prevails. Of course one could also argue that communities coming to us from different cultures can be re-educated. But we must see – and Bishop Tőkés also spoke about this – that now the Muslim communities coming to Europe see their own culture, their own faith, their own lifestyles and their own principles as stronger and more valuable than ours. So, whether we like it or not, in terms of respect for life, optimism, commitment, the subordination of individual interests and ideals, today Muslim communities are stronger than Christian communities. Why would anyone want to adopt a culture that appears to be weaker than their own strong culture? They won’t, and they never will! Therefore re-education and integration based on re-education cannot succeed.“

—  Viktor Orbán


„By 2050 Egypt’s population will increase from 90 million to 138 million. The population of Nigeria will increase from 186 million to 390 million. Uganda’s population will rise from 38 million to 93 million, and Ethiopia’s from 102 to 228 million. It is János Martonyi who usually warns us – and how right he is – that projecting current trends into the future requires caution, because in history there are always events which can change their course. But as we cannot prepare for unforeseeable events in the future, common sense tells us that we must project these figures into the future, and we must prepare for them. They clearly show that the real pressure on our continent will come from Africa. Today we are talking about Syria, today we are talking about Libya; but in fact we must prepare for the population pressure coming from the region beyond Libya – and its magnitude will be far greater than anything we have experienced so far. This warns us that we must be steely in our determination. Border protection – particularly when we need to build a fence and detain people – is something which is difficult to justify in aesthetic terms, but believe me, you cannot protect the borders – and thus ourselves – with flowers and cuddly toys. We must face this fact.“

—  Viktor Orbán
Tusnádfürdő speech, 26 July 2016

„there is a clear correlation between the illegal immigrants who are flooding into Europe and the spread of terrorism.“

—  Viktor Orbán
Tusnádfürdő speech, 25 July 2015


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