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Sugar Ray Leonard

Data de nascimento: 17. Maio 1956


Sugar Ray Leonard, cujo verdadeiro nome é Ray Charles Leonard é um ex-pugilista norte-americano.

Foi campeão olímpico e profissional e ficou três anos afastado em razão de uma operação na retina esquerda, depois de conquistar os dois títulos mundiais nas categorias dos meio-médios e dos médio-ligeiros. Retornou em 1987 e ficou com o título em três categorias: médios, supermédios e meio pesados. Seu recorde foi: 40 lutas, 36 vitórias, 25 por nocaute, 3 derrotas, 1 empate.

Citações Sugar Ray Leonard

„I had a drug problem. I'd go to parties, take a leak, and there was cocaine right there. I was 25 when it started, rich, famous, and retired.“

— Sugar Ray Leonard
Sugar Ray Leonard talking about drugs

„Duran quit in frustration. People were laughing and he couldn't deal with that.“

— Sugar Ray Leonard
Leonard referring to the epic no mas(no more, in spanish) fight against Roberto Duran.


„Inactivity is the biggest sin in boxing.“

— Sugar Ray Leonard
Sugar Ray Leonard

„I tried the gloves on, and it just felt so natural. From that moment I became so embedded in boxing. I found a friend in boxing.“

— Sugar Ray Leonard
Sugar Ray Leonard on his first taste of boxing

„The Ricky Hatton that beat Kostya Tszyu in 2005 can beat Floyd Mayweather, he was so focused and in such amazing physical shape that he would have given anybody at that level a tough time.“

— Sugar Ray Leonard
Sugar Ray Leonard predicting a Ricky Hatton win if he fought Floyd Mayweather .Tuesday, 6 February 2007.

„Tommy Hearns seemed like an indestructible machine, so to beat him, I think that was my defining moment, the pinnacle.“

— Sugar Ray Leonard
Sugar Ray Leonard, Oct 6, 2006 interview

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