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Data de nascimento: 8. Fevereiro 412
Data de falecimento: 17. Abril 485


Proclo Lício , chamado de Proclo Diádoco , foi um filósofo neoplatônico grego do século V. Teve o mérito de desenvolver a corrente de pensamento baseada em Platão, iniciada por Plotino e depois expandida por Porfírio e Jâmblico. Proclo combina os seu próprios pontos-de-vista com os de seus mestres - Plutarco, Siriano de Alexandria, Porfírio e Jâmblico.

Citações Proclo

„O matemático especula as causas de um certo efeito sensível, sem considerar sua existência real; pois a contemplação de universais exclui o conhecimento de particulares; e aquele cujo olhar intelectual está fixo naquilo que é geral e abrangente, pouco pensará naquilo que é sensível e singular.“

—  Proclo
The mathematician speculates the causes of a certain sensible effect, without considering its actual existence; for the contemplation of universals excludes the knowledge of particulars; and he whose intellectual eye is fixed on that which is general and comprehensive, will think but little of that which is sensible and singular. The philosophical and mathematical commentaries of Proclus on the first book of Euclid's Elements: To which are added a History of the restoration of Platonic theology by the latter Platonists, and a translation from the Greek of Proclus's Theological elements, Volume 1, página LXVII, Proclus, ‎Marinus - 1792


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„If two right lines cut one another, they will form the angles at the vertex equal.“

—  Proclus
... This... is what the the present theorem evinces, that when two right lines mutually cut each other, the vertical angles are equal. And it was first invented according to Eudemus by Thales... Proposition XV. Thereom VIII.

„After Pythagoras, Anaxagoras the Clazomenian succeeded, who undertook many things pertaining to geometry. And Oenopides the Chian, was somewhat junior to Anaxagoras, and whom Plato mentions in his Rivals, as one who obtained mathematical glory. To these succeeded Hippocrates, the Chian, who invented the quadrature of the lunula, and Theodorus the Cyrenean, both of them eminent in geometrical knowledge. For the first of these, Hippocrates composed geometrical elements: but Plato, who was posterior to these, caused as well geometry itself, as the other mathematical disciplines, to receive a remarkable addition, on account of the great study he bestowed in their investigation. This he himself manifests, and his books, replete with mathematical discourses, evince: to which we may add, that he every where excites whatever in them is wonderful, and extends to philosophy. But in his time also lived Leodamas the Thasian, Architas the Tarentine, and Theætetus the Athenian; by whom theorems were increased, and advanced to a more skilful constitution. But Neoclides was junior to Leodamas, and his disciple was Leon; who added many things to those thought of by former geometricians. So that Leon also constructed elements more accurate, both on account of their multitude, and on account of the use which they exhibit: and besides this, he discovered a method of determining when a problem, whose investigation is sought for, is possible, and when it is impossible.“

—  Proclus
Ch. IV.

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