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Michael Moorcock

Data de nascimento: 18. Dezembro 1939
Outros nomes: Μάικλ Μούρκοκ, مایکل مورکوک

Michael Moorcock é um escritor britânico de ficção científica e fantasia que se manifesta como sendo políticamente vinculado à filosofia anarquista.

Criador do personagem Elric, de Jerry Cornelius e de uma infinidade de outros. Em suas histórias é comum o conceito de Multiverso e o mito do Campeão Eterno.

Citações Michael Moorcock

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„I understand you now. But surely, if Lucifer is successful, we shall all be saved.“

—  Michael Moorcock

The Wildgrave’s smile was bitter. “What logic provides you with that hope, von Bek? If God is merciful, He provides us with little evidence.”
Fonte: The von Bek family, The War Hound and the World's Pain (1981), Chapter 6 (p. 79)

„In my own world, sir, sad to say, human prejudice is matched only by human folly. Not a soul claims to be prejudiced, of course, as there are few who would describe themselves as fools…“

—  Michael Moorcock

Elric, chewing on a piece of barely palatable salt beef, remarked that this seemed a quality of a good deal of society, throughout the multiverse.
Book 2, Chapter 4 “Land at Last!” (p. 241)
The Elric Cycle, The Revenge of the Rose (1991)

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