Citações Michael Moorcock

„Are you trying to talk peace terms?“

—  Michael Moorcock

“I’ve given that up,” said Makhno. “It doesn’t appear to work. You mention peace and everyone tries to shoot you or jail you.”
Book 2, Chapter 5 “A Question of Attitudes” (p. 368)
Oswald Bastable, The Steel Tsar (1981)

„There could be an end to all this, when the Lords of the Higher Worlds and all the machinery of cosmic mystery shall be no more. And perhaps that is why they fear mortals so much. The secret of their destruction, I suspect, lies in us, though we have yet to realize our own power.“

—  Michael Moorcock, Erekosë

“And do you have a hint of what that power may be, Eternal Champion?” said Alisaard.
I smiled. “I think it is simply the power to conceive of a multiverse which has no need of the supernatural, which, indeed, could abolish it if so desired!”
Book 3, Chapter 2 (p. 646)
Erekosë, The Dragon in the Sword (1986)

„I said: “Then in reality I had little choice.”
“Let us say that your character has already determined your choice.”“

—  Michael Moorcock, livro The War Hound and the World's Pain

Fonte: The War Hound and the World's Pain (1981), Chapter 3 (p. 48)

„Tyrants hate original thinking.“

—  Michael Moorcock

Book 3, Chapter 3 “Chi’ng Che’eng Ta-Chia” (p. 106)
The Warlord of the Air (1971)

„My instinct shouted “Conspiracy” but my head reasoned “Coincidence.”“

—  Michael Moorcock

Fonte: The von Bek family, The City in the Autumn Stars (1986), Chapter 8 (p. 291)

„No denial would convince you,” D’Averc smiled, “so I will not offer you one.“

—  Michael Moorcock, The History of the Runestaff

Book 2, Chapter 1 “The Waiting Warrior” (p. 185)
The History of the Runestaff, The Mad God's Amulet (1968)

„It is almost impossible to have a baseless snobbish opinion of the General Theory of Relativity.“

—  Michael Moorcock

Fantastic Metropolis, Christmas Editorial (

„An unquestioned creed is a noose about the throat of Reason.“

—  Michael Moorcock, livro The City in the Autumn Stars

Fonte: The City in the Autumn Stars (1986), Chapter 3 (p. 211)

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