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Mary Howitt

Data de nascimento: 12. Março 1799
Data de falecimento: 30. Janeiro 1888


Mary Howitt - que falta uma descrição mais detalhada do autor.

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„Buttercups and Daisies—
Oh, the pretty flowers,
Coming ere the spring time,
To tell of sunny hours.“

— Mary Howitt
[ "Buttercups and Daisies,"] [ The Christmas Library: Birds and flowers and other country things, Volume 1] (1837).

„Old England is our home, and Englishmen are we;
Our tongue is known in every clime, our flag in every sea.“

— Mary Howitt
Old England is our Home, reported in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919).

„"Will you walk into my parlour?" said a spider to a fly;
"'T is the prettiest little parlour that ever you did spy."“

— Mary Howitt
The Spider and the Fly, reported in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919).

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