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Data de nascimento: 1. Março 40 d.C.
Data de falecimento: 104
Outros nomes:Marcus V. Martialis


Marco Valério Marcial foi um epigramatista latino.

Citações Marcial


„Neither fear your death's day nor long for it.“

—  Martial
X, 47. Alternatively translated as "Neither fear, nor wish for, your last day", in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919). Compare: "Nor love thy life, nor hate; but what thou livest / Live well: how long or short permit to heaven", John Milton, Paradise Lost, book xi, line 553.


„If glory comes after death, I hurry not.“

—  Martial
V, 10 (trans. Zachariah Rush).

„Laugh if you are wise.“

—  Martial
II, 41.


„Virtue extends our days: he lives two lives who relives his past with pleasure.“

—  Martial
X, 23. Alternatively translated as "The good man prolongs his life; to be able to enjoy one's past life is to live twice", in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919). Compare: "For he lives twice who can at once employ / The present well, and e'en the past enjoy", Alexander Pope, Imitation of Martial.

„Tis a hard task this, not to sacrifice manners to wealth.“

—  Martial
XI, 5 (Loeb translation).

„They [the hours] pass by, and are put to our account.“

—  Martial
V, 20, line 13; this phrase is often found as an inscription on sundials.

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