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Jane Fonda

Data de nascimento: 21. Dezembro 1937


Jane Seymour Fonda é uma atriz, escritora, ativista política de esquerda e ex-modelo e guru de exercícios físicos americana.

Filha do renomado ator Henry Fonda, Jane iniciou sua carreira no cinema em 1960 no filme Tall Story, ao lado de Anthony Perkins. Mais tarde, despontou como sex symbol com os filmes Cat Ballou e Barbarella . Em 1971 recebeu seu primeiro Oscar de melhor atriz pelo filme Klute. Em 1978 recebeu novamente o prêmio, pelo filme Amargo Regresso.

Em 1991 Jane anunciou que estava se aposentando da carreira de atriz, mas retornou às telas com A Sogra em 2005. Além disso, ela é conhecida pelos vídeos de exercício que estrelou e produziu entre os anos de 1982 e 1995.

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„Alternate form: I would think that if you understood what communism was, you would hope and pray on your knees that we would someday be communists. I am a socialist. I think that we should strive toward a socialist society - all the way to communism.“

— Jane Fonda
Reported by Paul Scott in the Lewiston Daily Sun (27 September 1972) again as remarks at Duke University;[,3814989] reported elsewhere as a remark made at Michigan State University (22 November 1970) and cited to the Detroit Free Press but without a date, page or headline.<br/> Rick Perlstein, in a 2005 London Review of Books article and in his 2008 book Nixonland: The Rise of a President and the Fracturing of America (Simon and Schuster, p517[]), accused Helms of inventing the quote: "They tapped their network of friendly media propagandists, like the future Senator Jesse Helms, then a TV editorialist, who supplied an invented quotation that still circulates as part of the Fonda cult’s liturgy."[] The COINTELPRO Papers (2002) documents a separate attempt to plant false quotes from Fonda in the press.

„In this country the only way a minority can get anything done is to make a little noise.“

— Jane Fonda
Quotes from Women in the News, Associated Press/Gadsden Times, 15 March 1970.[,1282871]

„I am saddened that I have been linked with her politically... I have disagreed with her on every issue, from the bottom of my toes“

— Jane Fonda
On Vanessa Redgrave, reported by Spartanburg Herald-Journal, 28 December 1979. [,7100074]


„I vowed I wouldn't get married until someone gave me one good reason to. No one ever did - but I got married anyway“

— Jane Fonda
Said to Redbook Magazine, quoted by Harold V. Cohen, At Random, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 22 July 1969 [,3057856]

„I don't think there's ever been such a clear choice between radicalism and moderation. I mean, we are dealing with a radical ideologue here.“

— Jane Fonda
On the 2004 Presidential election. Rebecca Traister. Enough with the vaginas! Salon, 15 September 2004 []

„It's a lie. I agree with the military experts who say it's a quagmire.“

— Jane Fonda
On the Iraq War. Rebecca Traister. Enough with the vaginas! Salon, 15 September 2004 []

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