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Georges Bataille

Data de nascimento: 10. Setembro 1897
Data de falecimento: 9. Julho 1962

Georges Bataille foi um escritor francês, cuja obra se enquadra tanto no domínio da Literatura como no campo da Antropologia, Filosofia, Sociologia e História da Arte. O erotismo, a transgressão e o sagrado são temas abordados em seus escritos.

„O orgulho é igual à humildade: é sempre mentira.“

„I believe that truth has only one face: that of a violent contradiction.“ Violent Silence: Celebrating Georges Bataille

„The need to go astray, to be destroyed, is an extremely private, distant, passionate, turbulent truth.“

„Nothing is more necessary or stronger in us than rebellion.“ The Unfinished System of Nonknowledge

„A kiss is the beginning of cannibalism.“

„Beauty is desired in order that it may be befouled; not for its own sake, but for the joy brought by the certainty of profaining it.“ Erotism: Death and Sensuality

„We have in fact only two certainties in this world - that we are not everything and that we will die.“

„I don't want your love unless you know i am repulsive, and love me even as you know it.“

„Incredible nervous state, trepidation beyond words: to be this much in love is to be sick (and I love to be sick).“ The Impossible

„To others, the universe seems decent because decent people have gelded eyes. That is why they fear lewdness. They are never frightened by the crowing of a rooster or when strolling under a starry heaven. In general, people savor the "pleasures of the flesh" only on condition that they be insipid.
But as of then, no doubt existed for me: I did not care for what is known as "pleasures of the flesh" because they really are insipid; I cared only for what is classified as "dirty." On the other hand, I was not even satisfied with the usual debauchery, because the only thing it dirties is debauchery itself, while, in some way or other, anything sublime and perfectly pure is left intact by it. My kind of debauchery soils not only my body and my thoughts, but also anything I may conceive in its course, that is to say, the vast starry universe, which merely serves as a backdrop.“
Story of the Eye

„In what will survive me
I am in harmony
with my annihilation.“

„The sexual act is in time what the tiger is in space.“

„Sovereignty, loyalty, and solitude.“ The Unfinished System of Nonknowledge

„I think that knowledge enslaves us, that at the base of all knowledge there is a servility, the acceptation of a way of life wherein each moment has meaning only in relation to another or others that will follow it.“ The Unfinished System of Nonknowledge

„A man who finds himself among others is irritated because he does not know why he is not one of the others.

In bed next to a girl he loves, he forgets that he does not know why he is himself instead of the body he touches.

Without knowing it, he suffers from the mental darkness that keeps him from screaming that he himself is the girl who forgets his presence while shuddering in his arms.“
The Solar Anus

„Above all human existence requires stability, the permanence of things. The result is an ambivalence with respect to all great and violent expenditure of strength; such an expenditure, whether in nature or in man, represents the strongest possible threat. The feelings of admiration and of ecstasy induced by them thus mean that we are concerned to admire them from afar. The sun corresponds to that prudent concern. It is all radiance gigantic loss of heat and light, flame, explosion; but remote from men, who can enjoy in safety and quiet the fruits of this cataclysm. To earth belongs the solidity which sustains houses of stone and the steps of men (at least on its surface, for buried within the depths of the earth is the incandescence of lava).“ Van Gogh As Prometheus

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