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Georg Trakl

Data de nascimento: 3. Fevereiro 1887
Data de falecimento: 3. Novembro 1914

Georg Trakl foi um proeminente poeta expressionista austríaco do início do século XX.

Citações Georg Trakl

„Só aquele que despreza a felicidade terá o conhecimento“

„I do not have easy days at home now and I drift between fear and helplessness in sunny rooms where it is unspeakably cold. Strange shudders of transformation, bodily experienced to the point of vulnerability, visions of mysteries until the certainty of having died, ecstasies to the point of stony petrifaction, and a continuation of dreaming sad dreams.“

„In den einsamen Stunden des Geistes ist es schön in der Sonne zu gehn,
an den gelben Mauern des Sommers hin“

„Your body is a hyacinth,
Into which a monk dips his waxy fingers.
Our silence is a black cavern,
From which a soft animal steps at times
And slowly lowers heavy eyelids.
On your temples black dew drips,
The last gold of expired stars“

„Cold metal walks across my forehead,
spiders search for my heart.
It is a light that goes out in my mouth...“

„Vom Schatten eines Hauchs geboren
Wir wandeln in Verlassenheit
Und sind im Ewigen verloren,
Gleich Opfern unwissend, wozu sie geweiht.“

„At the Moor

Wanderer in the black wind; quietly the dry reeds whisper
In the stillness of the moor. In the gray sky
A flock of wild birds follows;
Slanting over gloomy waters.

Turmoil. In decayed hut
The spirit of putrescence flutters with black wings.
Crippled birches in the autumn wind.

Evening in deserted tavern. The way home is scented all around
By the soft gloom of grazing herds;
Apparition of the night; toads plunge from brown waters.“

„A whore who with icy shudders gives birth to a small dead child.“

„In an old family album

Ever again you return, Melancholy,
O meekness of the solitary soul.
A golden day glows and expires.

Humbly the patient man surrenders to pain
Ringing with melodious sound and soft madness.
Look! There's the twilight.

Night returns once more and a mortal thing laments
And another suffers in sympathy.

Shuddering under autumn stars
Yearly the head is bowed deeper.

-Georg Trakl (1887-1914)“

„The thrush called strangeness into the sunset.“ Sebastian in Dream

„On silver soles I climbed down the thorny stairs, and I walked into the white-washed room. A light
burned there silently, and without speaking I wrapped my head in purple linen; and the earth threw out a
childlike body, a creature of the moon, that slowly stepped out of the darkness of my shadow, with broken
arms, stony waterfalls sank away, fluffy snow“

„Purple cloud covered his head so that he silently attacked his own blood and likeness, a lunar countenance; stonily sank away into emptiness, when in a broken mirror a dying youth, the sister, appeared; the night engulfed the cursed race.“

„A world without fairy tales and myths would be as drab as life without music“

„Dear Herr Loos,
After a month-long tour through all of Galicia I send you the most kind regards. I was quite ill for some days, I believe from inexpressible sorrow. Today I am glad because most certainly we will march to the north and will perhaps invade Russia in as soon as a few days.
The most cordial greetings to Mr. Kraus.“
The Last Gold of Expired Stars: Complete Poems 1908 - 1914

„Our silence is a black cavern.“

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