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Frank Stella

Data de nascimento: 12. Maio 1936

Frank Philip Stella é um artista plástico contemporâneo norte-americano,. Seu trabalho abrange pintura, objetos, arte gráfica e projetos arquitetônicos.

Citações Frank Stella

„I don't know how I got into sculpture. I liked its physicality, that's the only reason. I didn't have a program.“

—  Frank Stella

Quote: Stella's response to the question: Is that one of the reasons you went into sculpture?
Fonte: Quotes, 1971 - 2000, Bomb: X Motion Picture and Center for New Art Activities, 2000, p. 28,

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„I do think that a good pictorial idea is worth more than a lot of manual dexterity.“

—  Frank Stella

Quote from: Frank Stella, William S. Rubin, Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1970, p. 30
Quotes, 1960 - 1970

„The painting never changes once I've started to paint it. I work things out before-hand in the sketches.“

—  Frank Stella

Quotes, 1971 - 2000
Fonte: Machine in the Studio, Caroline. A. Jones, University of Chicago Press, 1996, pp. 197-198

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