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Bernard Montgomery

Data de nascimento: 17. Novembro 1887
Data de falecimento: 24. Março 1976


Bernard Law Montgomery, 1º Visconde Montgomery de Alamein KG GCB DSO PC DL foi um oficial militar britânico durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial por vezes referido como "Monty". Frequentou o Royal Military College, em Sandhurst. Casou-se com Elizabeth Carver e teve um filho, chamado David.Combateu na Primeira Guerra Mundial, onde alcançou o posto de tenente-coronel e sofreu dois tiros, um sendo no peito, ficando 3 horas no campo de batalha até ser retirado e receber atendimento.

Durante a Guerra Irlandesa de Independência , Montgomery foi o oficial em comando do condado de Cork, Irlanda o maior condado da área. Este conflito foi notável pela sua ferocidade e pelas represálias levadas a efeito pelas forças do Reino Unido. Foi promovido a general em 1938. Durante a campanha na França em 1940, ele comandou uma das divisões britânicas, e evacuou em Dunkirk.

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„There were many reasons why we did not gain complete success at Arnhem. The following in my view were the main ones. First. The operation was not regarded at Supreme Headquarters as the spearhead of a major Allied movement on the northern flank designed to isolate, and finally to occupy, the Ruhr - the one objective in the West which the Germans could not afford to lose. There is no doubt in my mind that Eisenhower always wanted to give priority to the northern thrust and to scale down the southern one. He ordered this to be done, and he thought that it was being done. It was not being done. Second. The airborne forces at Arnhem were dropped too far away from the vital objective - the bridge. It was some hours before they reached it. I take the blame for this mistake. I should have ordered Second Army and 1st Airborne Corps to arrange that at least one complete Parachute Brigade was dropped quite close to the bridge, so that it could have been captured in a matter of minutes and its defence soundly organised with time to spare. I did not do so. Third. The weather. This turned against us after the first day and we could not carry out much of the later airborne programme. But weather is always an uncertain factor, in war and in peace. This uncertainty we all accepted. It could only have been offset, and the operation made a certainty, by allotting additional resources to the project, so that it became an Allied and not merely a British project. Fourth. The 2nd S. S. Panzer Corps was refitting in the Arnhem area, having limped up there after its mauling in Normandy. We knew it was there. But we were wrong in supposing that it could not fight effectively; its battle state was far beyond our expectation. It was quickly brought into action against the 1st Airborne Division.“

—  Bernard Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein
Concerning Operation Market Garden in his autobiography, 'The Memoirs of Field Marshal Montgomery' (1958)

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