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Wilhelm Canaris

Data de nascimento: 1. Janeiro 1887
Data de falecimento: 9. Abril 1945


Wilhelm Franz Canaris foi um almirante alemão, líder dos serviços de espionagem militar de 1935 a 1944. Foi também uma das figuras da resistência alemã ao regime nazi de Adolf Hitler e um dos envolvidos no atentado de 20 de julho de 1944.

Citações Wilhelm Canaris


„One day the world will hold the Wehrmacht responsible for these methods since these things are taking place under its nose.“

—  Wilhelm Canaris
Alternate version: A day will come when the world will find the Wehrmacht responsible for these methods, inasmuch as the things happen with our tacit consent. September 1939. Quoted in "Bodyguard of Lies: The Extraordinary True Story Behind D-Day‎" - Page 178 - by Anthony Cave Brown - 2007

„You can talk to the man. He is reasonable, and sees your point of view, if you point it out properly.“

—  Wilhelm Canaris
About speaking to Hitler. Quoted in "Hitler's Spies: German Military Intelligence in World War II" - Page 234 - by David Kahn - True Crime - 2000

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