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Wen Jiabao

Data de nascimento: 15. Setembro 1942


Wen Jiabao é o antigo Primeiro-Ministro da República Popular da China de março de 2003 a março de 2013.

O líder chinês Wen Jiabao exortou a nação a redobrar os seus esforços no combate à poluição e ao aquecimento global. Este tratado expirou em 2012, e debates internacionais iniciaram-se em maio de 2007 para elaborar um novo tratado que sucedesse ao até então vigente.

Citações Wen Jiabao

„Only when the masses are reassured, can the country be at peace. Only when the country is at peace, can the leaders be relieved.“

—  Wen Jiabao
Wen Jiabao (2008) cited in: " Sorry seems to be the newest word" at BBC News, 9 February 2008


„I only have one sentence to say: it is the people who kept you fed, so do as you see fit.“

—  Wen Jiabao
Wen Jiabao (2008) cited in: During 2008 Sichuan Earthquake, Wen's angry reply to the PLA rescue team about their delays before they boarded the rescue plane:

„China has established friendship with many African countries, and is opening itself up to Africa and providing assistance. It is cooperating with African countries on an equal basis and has no desire to colonize Africa.“

—  Wen Jiabao
Wen Jiabao (2006) cited in: When "Made in China" become "Made in Africa", 22 December 2006

„Sino-Japanese relations will certainly brighten more in the future and the flowers of friendly Sino-Japanese relations will increase their beauty.“

—  Wen Jiabao
Wen Jiabao (2007) cited in: China's Wen seeks to charm Japan as ties thaw 13 April 2007

„The speed of the fleet is not determined by the fastest vessel; rather it is determined by the slowest one.“

—  Wen Jiabao
Wen Jiabao (2007) cited in: Joseph Kahn, China isn't looking to replace U.S., prime minister says, The International Herald Tribune, 16 March 2007

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