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Vernor Vinge

Data de nascimento: 2. Outubro 1944


Vernor Steffen Vinge é um cientista da computação, escritor de ficção científica norte-americano e ex-professor de matemática da Universidade Estadual de San Diego.

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„And now each second was as long as all the time before.“

— Vernor Vinge
Context: The hours came to minutes, the minutes to seconds. And now each second was as long as all the time before. Prologue (p. 4).

„Even the largest avalanche is triggered by small things.“

— Vernor Vinge
Context: I have argued above that we cannot prevent the Singularity, that its coming is an inevitable consequence of the humans' natural competitiveness and the possibilities inherent in technology. And yet … we are the initiators. Even the largest avalanche is triggered by small things. We have the freedom to establish initial conditions, make things happen in ways that are less inimical than others. Of course (as with starting avalanches), it may not be clear what the right guiding nudge really is...


„We realize that this means the destruction of solar systems, but consider the alternative.“

— Vernor Vinge
Context: If during the last thousand seconds you have received any High-Beyond-protocol packets from "Arbitration Arts," discard them at once. If they have been processed, then the processing site and all locally netted sites must be physically destroyed at once. We realize that this means the destruction of solar systems, but consider the alternative. You are under Transcendent attack. Chapter 14 (p. 161).

„Even the omniscient viewpoint quails.“

— Vernor Vinge
Context: How to explain? How to describe? Even the omniscient viewpoint quails. Prologue (p. 1; opening words).

„Is it true that humans have six legs?“

— Vernor Vinge
Context: Hexapodia as the key insight... I haven’t had a chance to see the famous video from Straumli Realm, except as an evocation. (My only gateway onto the Net is very expensive.) Is it true that humans have six legs? Chapter 18 (p. 226).


„We've watched the Homo Sapiens interest group since the first appearance of the Blight. Where is this "Earth" the humans claim to be from? "Half way around the galaxy," they say, and deep in the Slow Zone. Even their proximate origin, Nyjora, is conveniently in the Slowness. We see an alternative theory: Sometime, maybe further back than the last consistent archives, there was a battle between Powers. The blueprint for this "human race" was written, complete with communication interfaces. Long after the original contestants and their stories had vanished, this race happened to get in position where it could Transcend. And that Transcending was tailor-made, too, re-establishing the Power that had set the trap to begin with.We're not sure of the details, but a scenario such as this is inevitable. What we must do is also clear. Straumli Realm is at the heart of the Blight, obviously beyond all attack. But there are other human colonies. We ask the Net to help in identifying all of them. We ourselves are not a large civilization, but we would be happy to coordinate the information gathering, and the military action that is required to prevent the Blight's spread in the Middle Beyond. For nearly seventeen weeks, we've been calling for action. Had you listened in the beginning, a concerted strike might have been sufficient to destroy the Straumli Realm. Isn't the Fall of Relay enough to wake you up? Friends, if we act together we still have a chance.Death to vermin.“

— Vernor Vinge
p. 245.

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