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Trinny Woodall

Data de nascimento: 8. Fevereiro 1964

Trinny Woodall é uma personalidade premiada de televisão, apresentadora, conselheira e especialista de moda e autora inglesa. Ela é melhor conhecida por ter protagonizado, ao lado de Susannah Constantine, o programa de televisão Esquadrão da Moda , da BBC em People+Arts. Participou como uma conselheira de moda do talk show norte-americano The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Citações Trinny Woodall

„I'm happy with my shape. It's getting to a stage of acceptance and understanding how to dress to reproportion yourself.“

—  Trinny Woodall

As quoted in "Scots Are So Stylish.. And Ewan Mcgregor Looks Fab In A Kilt" by Maria Croce in The Daily Record (19 September 2007)

„I think it's great that it's caused a reaction. But at the same time I think the people who are criticising us haven't really watched the show. We are not claiming to be marriage guidance people, or anything.“

—  Trinny Woodall

As quoted in "MEN reader meets Trinny and Susannah" by Helen Tither in Manchester Evening News (9 October 2006)

„I don't think our show's actually rude.“

—  Trinny Woodall

Regarding What Not to Wear; as quoted in "Mammary mia!" by Vicky Allan in The Sunday Herald (8 September 2002)

„If you want to make the best of yourself you don't necessarily need to diet — you need to wear the right stuff.“

—  Trinny Woodall

As quoted in "These Girls Could Save Your Marriage" by Jessica Johnson in The Daily Express (24 September 2007)

„We absolutely love women, we are passionate about what we do and we get great results. Women see that our rules are manageable and make a real difference. I don't think we are being bossy, no one is forced to follow the rules.“

—  Trinny Woodall

As quoted in "Mistresses of the makeover" by Cathrin Schaer in New Zealand Herald (25 February 2008)

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„Having an interest in clothes is a sign of vanity and English men don't like to be seen to be vain. That's what is so fantastic about this format, it gives men permission to take an interest in clothes and their appearance. And as a result their self-esteem goes up.“

—  Trinny Woodall

Regarding Trinny & Susannah Undress...; as quoted in "Laid Bare" by Nicola Methven in The Daily Mirror (30 September 2006)

„Quite a few people, you know, maybe want to know a bit more about the real Trinny and Susannah. So we just thought it'd be nice to do it, in a way that's not too intrusive with us.“

—  Trinny Woodall

Regarding the new Trinny and Susannah mockumentary Trinny and Susannah What They Did Next; as quoted in "The Short Goodbye" produced by t5m (June 2010)

„The mantra is forget your size discover your shape and transform yourself.“

—  Trinny Woodall

As quoted in "Exclusive Trinny and Susannah Interview" by Caz Moss in Female First (19 September 2007)

„If you ask any of the women we've worked with, some of them would say it's a very tough journey, but I don't think any of them would say we'd been patronising.“

—  Trinny Woodall

As quoted in "God's gift to women" by Barbara Ellen in The Guardian,,2168350,00.html (16 September 2007)

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