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Tracey Ullman

Data de nascimento: 30. Dezembro 1959

Trace Marie Ullman é uma atriz britânica, naturalizada norte-americana.

Citações Tracey Ullman

„It's very therapeutic, what I do. Other people get this anonymity and thrill from being in an Internet chat room, where they can be anybody they want to be. That's the feeling I get, but to an even greater extent. I physically take on these characteristics. Afterwards, I feel I'm a parrot. I need a black bag put over my head until I become myself again.“

—  Tracey Ullman

On playing multiple characters in her television shows
"Ullman, By Hook & By 'Crooks'" (NY Daily News, 14 May 2000)

„Why does everyone think the future is space helmets, silver foil, and talking like computers, like a bad episode of Star Trek?“

—  Tracey Ullman

"Tracking Tracey" (Interview, January 1989)

„I was never a child. I was always a menopausal woman within a child's body.“

—  Tracey Ullman, livro Tracey Takes On...

Tracey Takes On... (1996–99)

„I never worked with a dialogue coach before, but I'd hate it if an American did a British accent and didn't do it well. It would be insulting.“

—  Tracey Ullman

Quoted in 1989 in The New York Times article "Tracy Ullman Makes A Face"

„My face is a good one for doing impersonations. I’ve got small eyes, a low brow and a big head … When I worked at the BBC in the 80s the only wigs that would fit me were Mike Yardwood's.“

—  Tracey Ullman

Quoted in 2016 in The Guardian

„Everybody's [in Berlin] gay!“

—  Tracey Ullman

Tracey Ullman: Live and Exposed (2005)

„Every character I do is based on someone I know. I try to justify every sketch we do. If it's not working, we find someone to talk to who it has happened to.“

—  Tracey Ullman

"Tracking Tracey" (Interview, January 1989)

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