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Theodor Nelson

Data de nascimento: 17. Junho 1937


Theodor Holm Nelson, ou simplesmente Ted Nelson, é um filósofo e sociólogo estadunidense nascido em 1937. Pioneiro da Tecnologia da Informação, inventou os termos hipertexto e hipermídia, em 1963, e os publicou em livro, no ano de 1965. Também inventou os termos transclusão, transcopyright e virtualidade.

O grande mote do trabalho de Ted Nelson tem sido tornar os computadores acessíveis para pessoas comuns. Seu lema é:

Uma interface para um usuário deve ser tão simples que um iniciante, numa emergência, deve entendê-la em 10 segundos.

Citações Theodor Nelson

„You can and must understand computers now!“

—  Ted Nelson
Slogan. (The insistence that ordinary people need to understand computers is remarkable for its era: the first personal computers were not available until 1975.)

„I have long been alarmed by people’s sheeplike acceptance of the term ‘computer technology’ — it sounds so objective and inexorable — when most computer technology is really a bunch of ideas turned into conventions and packages.“

—  Ted Nelson
Quoted in In Venting, a Computer Visionary Educates by John Markoff, published January 10, 2009 in the New York Times, page BU4 of the New York edition.


„We should not impose regularity where it does not exist.“

—  Ted Nelson
Ted Nelson on Zigzag data structures (6 September, 2008

„Most people are fools, most authority is malignant, God does not exist, and everything is wrong.“

—  Ted Nelson
quoted by Gary Wolf in "The Curse of Xanadu" in Wired (6/1995)

„After all, dumbing down Xanadu sure worked well for Tim Berners-Lee!“

—  Ted Nelson
Article on Nelson's website, "Indirect Documents at Last!" (2005)


„Everything is deeply intertwingled.“

—  Ted Nelson
Computer Lib p. 42 / Dream Machines p.45

„[Of the web] It's massively successful. It is trivially simple. Massively successful like karaoke - anybody can do it.“

—  Ted Nelson
BBC News Interview, "Visionary lays into the web" (2001)


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