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Sílio Itálico

Data de nascimento: 25 d.C.
Data de falecimento: 101
Outros nomes: Silius Italicus


Tibério Cácio Ascônio Sílio Itálico , conhecido apenas como Sílio Itálico, foi um senador, orador e poeta romano eleito cônsul em 68 com Públio Galério Trácalo. Sua única obra sobrevivente é o poema épico "Púnica" sobre a Segunda Guerra Púnica. Com 17 livros, é o mais longo poema em latim sobrevivente da Antiguidade, com mais de 12 000 linhas.

Citações Sílio Itálico

„Virtue is indeed its own noblest reward“

— Silius Italicus
Context: Virtue is indeed its own noblest reward; yet the dead find it sweet, when the fame of their lives is remembered among the living and oblivion does not swallow up their praises. Book XIII, lines 663–665

„Peace is the best thing that man may know; peace alone is better than a thousand triumphs“

— Silius Italicus
Context: Peace is the best thing that man may know; peace alone is better than a thousand triumphs; peace has power to guard our lives and secure equality among fellow-citizens. Let us then after so long recall peace to the city of Carthage, and banish the reproach of treachery from Dido's city. Book XI, lines 592–597<!--; spoken by Hanno.-->


„So, when a pebble breaks the surface of a motionless pool, in its first movements it forms tiny rings; and next, while the water glints and shimmers under the growing force, it swells the number of the circles over the rounding pond, until at last one extended circle reaches with wide-spreading compass from bank to bank.“

— Silius Italicus
Book XIII, lines 24–29 Compare: As on the smooth expanse of crystal lakes The sinking stone at first a circle makes; The trembling surface, by the motion stirred, Spreads in a second circle, then a third; Wide, and more wide, the floating rings advance, Fill all the watery plain, and to the margin dance. Alexander Pope, Temple of Fame, lines 436–441 As the small pebble stirs the peaceful lake: The centre moved, a circle straight succeeds, Another still, and still another spreads. Alexander Pope, Essay on Man, Ep. IV, lines 364–367

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