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Sarah Silverman

Data de nascimento: 1. Dezembro 1970

Sarah Kate Silverman é uma comediante de stand-up, atriz e escritora dos Estados Unidos.

Sua linha de comédia lida com tópicos como sátira, tabus sociais e assuntos controversos como racismo, sexismo e religião. Sarah estrela e produz o The Sarah Silverman Program, que estreou em 1 de fevereiro de 2007 no canal de televisão Comedy Central.

Citações Sarah Silverman

„I'm so glad Courtney Love is here; I left my crack in my other purse.“

—  Sarah Silverman

To Courtney Love on her Comedy Central Roast of Pamela Anderson (14 August 2005)

„I got jury duty … and I didn't want to go, so my friend said, "You should write something really really racist on the form when you return it. Like, you should put 'I hate chinks'." And I said, "I'm not going to put that on there just to get out of jury duty. I don't want people to think that about me." So instead I wrote, "I love chinks."“

—  Sarah Silverman

And who doesn't?
The Conan O'Brien Show (11 July 2001) In the original joke, Silverman had said "niggers" instead of "chinks", the network asked her to change it from the first to the latter. The network and O'Brien then apologized for airing this statement, Silverman did not, stating that it was plainly satirizing the racist thought process.

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„Hey, is it considered molestation if the child makes the first move? I'm gonna need a quick answer on this.“

—  Sarah Silverman

6 July 2009 tweet on Twitter ( archived

„This song brings me back … I was brutally raped to this song.“

—  Sarah Silverman

In response to the DJ playing Motley Crue's "Girls Girls Girls" as her intro. Holllywood Improv

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