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Romain Gary

Data de nascimento: 21. Maio 1914
Data de falecimento: 2. Dezembro 1980


Romain Gary foi um romancista, piloto da Segunda Guerra Mundial, diretor de cinema e diplomata francês. Como escritor usou os pseudónimos Émile Ajar, Fosco Sinibaldi, Shatan Bogat, René Deville e Lucien Brûlard, e foi o único escritor a receber duas vezes o Prêmio Goncourt, em 1956 e 1975 . Suicidou-se em Paris com arma de fogo.

Citações Romain Gary

„I want to test myself, a trial by fire, so that my I is burned off.“

— Romain Gary
Context: Gari in Russian means "burn!"… I want to test myself, a trial by fire, so that my I is burned off. La Nuit Sera Calme [The Night Will Be Calm] (1974)


„I’ve had a lot of fun. Good-bye, and thank you.“

— Romain Gary
Context: The gossip that came back to me from fashionable dinners where people pitied poor Romain Gary, who must be a little sad, a little jealous of the meteoric rise in the literary firmament of his cousin Emile Ajar… I’ve had a lot of fun. Good-bye, and thank you. The Life and Death of Émile Ajar (1980), an essay written prior to his suicide, as quoted in "Romain Gary: A Short Biography" by Madeleine Schwartz, at The Harvard Advocate

„Men sometimes die much earlier than they are burried.“

— Romain Gary, Au-delà de cette limite votre ticket n'est plus valable


„Humour is an affirmation of dignity, a declaration of man's superiority to all that befalls him.“

— Romain Gary
As quoted in The Harper Book of Quotations (1993) by Robert I. Fitzhenry, p. 223

„There is more to Jewish history than Auschwitz.“

— Romain Gary
Interview (1970), republished in Le Judaïsme n’est pas une Question de Sang [Judaism Isn’t About Blood] (2008) by Les éditions de l’Herne, as quoted in "A Chameleon on Show" in Forward (12 January 2011)

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